Fund Raising

  1. 1)   Corporate Finance: Meeting Corporate Financial Requirements such as
    1. a.   Project Finance
    2. b.   Fund Based and Non Fund based Working Capital requirements
    3. c.   Term Lending such as Corporate Loan
  2. 2)   Money Market: We help our clients in raising finance through money market instruments such as Commercial Paper, Non Convertible Debentures and Bonds.
  3. 3)   Structured Finance: Raising Funds in a structured manner such as Loan against Shares, Loan against Property, Share Placement, Promoter Funding, Pre-IPO Funding and Mezzanine Funding.
  4. 4)   Private Equity: We raise Private Equity for the PE Fund Houses and corporate entities.
  5. 5)   Cross Border Transactions: We facilitate Raising Foreign Funds in the form of
    1. a.   Foreign Loans such as External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), FCCB and Buyers Credit
    2. b.   Equity: mainly in the form of FDI