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Unified Vision Capital Unified Vision Capital

Investment Banking Services

We are a leading investment banking team with a proven track record. We take great pride in our adeptness and multifaceted approach to addressing challenges. We tackle complex challenges, from guiding cross-border mergers to structuring IPOs and managing bond refinancing ventures.

Our strategic aims encompass:

• Market Leadership

• Client Centricity

• Stakeholder Value Creation

• Talent Acquisition and Development

Strategize, optimize, thrive. Experience the difference with our services.

Fund Raising

We partner with mid-sized and large corporations to raise funds. This includes corporate finance, structured finance, credit for unique situations, capital market solutions and leveraged buyouts. Our comprehensive services cover the entire process, from meticulous deal structuring to precise lender identification and negotiation, ensuring a smooth execution and successful outcome.

Capital Acquisition Tailored to Your Needs:

Holistic Fundraising Solutions: We move beyond the standard toolbox. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, Term Loan, Working Capital, Promoter Funding, Special Situation Credit, Capital Market Products, etc

Seamless Deal Execution: Our meticulous approach ensures optimal outcomes. From meticulous deal structuring to precise lender identification and negotiation, we orchestrate the entire deal lifecycle flawlessly.

Structured Finance – Unlocking Asset Potential

Innovative Financing Structures: Our Fund Raising isn’t confined to traditional methods. We undertake complex financial transactions and provide tailored solutions to your specific asset needs. Whether you require assistance for acquisition finance, consolidation or complex debt instruments, we offer a unique perspective to unlock value.

Strategic capital raising for agility

Short-Term Financing Solutions: Our team understands the importance of agility in today's dynamic market. We offer short-term financing solutions secured by approved securities, empowering you to seize fleeting opportunities and navigate working capital challenges.

Global Reach, Localized Expertise: We possess the global reach and expertise to navigate the complexities of foreign currency loans. We ensure you secure the right financing structure to meet your international business objectives, considering factors like repayment terms, interest rates, currency hedging strategies, and regulatory compliance.

Unlocking Hidden Value Through Specialized Products:

Convertible Instruments: We bridge the gap between businesses and investors through innovative convertible instruments. This provides you with secure funding while offering investors attractive fixed-income opportunities with potential equity upside.

Empowering Ownership Transitions: Our expertise in leveraged buyouts (LBOs) helps management teams achieve their vision by facilitating strategic acquisitions. We provide the necessary capital and guidance to empower ownership transitions with confidence.

Special Situation Expertise: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities:

We offer tailored solutions for distressed assets across various scenarios. Our experience allows us to navigate these challenging situations and unlock value for all stakeholders. Whether it's navigating limited liquidity or complex regulations, we help you capitalize on these hidden opportunities through our expertise.

Partner with us to craft a customized capital strategy that fuels your financial ambitions and sets you apart in the market.

Private Equity

Our tailored PE fund raising services support clients throughout the entire process. We assist in raising capital from private equity funds, listed funds, financial institutions, pension funds, and family offices. From crafting the fund's proposition to securing final closure, we ensure your success.

Equity Funding

We understand that private equity (PE) is more than just Capital. We serve as your strategic partner throughout the entire PE lifecycle, ensuring you achieve optimal results.

Our approach is tailored at each stage: from developing watertight financial strategies to identifying ideal PE partners, structuring deals that maximize your value and providing comprehensive support through due diligence and negotiations to empower your growth journey.

Private Investment in Public Equity Solutions

Unified Vision Capital is your trusted advisor for navigating the dynamic world of Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) offerings. We go beyond simply connecting you with deals; we empower you to make informed investment decisions through our comprehensive suite of PIPE services. From Opportunity to Optimization:

Tailored Opportunity Assessment: We conduct in-depth analyses to identify PIPE investments aligned with your risk tolerance and return objectives.

Expert Structuring & Negotiation: Leveraging our market knowledge, we structure optimal PIPE transactions that maximize your returns while mitigating risks through strategic negotiation.

Merger & Acquisitions

M&A is crucial for inorganic business growth. We guide our clients and investors through complex acquisitions and divestitures. Our expertise helps navigate both buying and selling, ensuring informed decisions at every step.

Buy & Sell Side Advisory

We are your strategic partner throughout the entire acquisition or divestiture divestment process. Our expertise empowers you to make informed decisions at every stage.

On the buy side, we leverage our industry knowledge to identify ideal acquisition targets and conduct rigorous due diligence to minimize risk. We then structure transactions that maximize value and secure favourable terms.

Looking to sell? We meticulously prepare your business Plans, identify strategic buyers seeking your strengths and craft targeted marketing campaigns to achieve optimal valuation. Throughout the journey, from initial assessment to successful closing, our personalized guidance ensures a seamless experience.

“Partner with us for a data-driven approach and unwavering advocacy to unlock your success through strategic M&A.”

Asset Acquisitions

Strategic Sale: Divesting assets isn't just about offloading them; it's a strategic move to propel your business forward. At Unified Vision Capital, we specialize in crafting successful strategic sales tailored to your long-term goals. We leverage our market expertise to identify ideal buyers who value your assets, meticulously prepare them for maximum attractiveness, and craft targeted marketing campaigns to showcase their worth.

Our M&A specialists then step in, negotiating favorable terms and navigating complex deal structures to secure the best outcome. With deep industry knowledge and a vast buyer network, we ensure a perfect strategic fit for your assets. We guide you through every stage, from initial assessment to a smooth closing, and even provide post-sale support.

Corporate Finance Advisory

As your trusted financial advisors, we take the time to understand your business and its financing needs. This allows us to create a customized financing structure that aligns with your long-term goals. We collaborate with you to develop strategies, implement solutions, and assess results, shaping a prosperous future for your organization.

Our Deep Expertise in Core Corporate Finance Disciplines:

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize your capital structure and achieve your strategic objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory:

Whether you're pursuing strategic acquisitions, divestitures, or joint ventures, our team guides you through every stage of the M&A lifecycle. We leverage in-depth industry knowledge and a proven track record to help you maximize deal value through meticulous financial modeling, synergy identification, and negotiation of optimal transaction terms.

Financial Restructuring:

When faced with financial challenges, we provide strategic guidance and tailored solutions to help you restructure your capital stack and achieve long-term financial stability. Our expertise extends to navigating complex situations governed by insolvency and bankruptcy codes, focusing on debt workouts, distressed asset sales, and turnaround strategies.

Valuation & Fairness Opinions:

Our team leverages robust financial modeling techniques and deep market understanding to deliver independent and reliable valuations for various purposes, including business, M&A transactions, financial reporting (fair value measurements).

Transaction Support Services:

We go beyond transactional execution. We act as a strategic partner, assisting you in developing sound financial plans, conducting feasibility studies for growth initiatives (e.g., new market entries, product launches), and identifying accretive acquisition targets, all aligned with your long-term vision and shareholder value creation.

Expanding Horizon- Africa

Owing to Africa's economic growth, its corporations and financial institutions are also thriving. Unified Vision Capital positions itself within this narrative as a proactive entity ready to capitalize on Africa's growth trajectory. By emphasizing its deep African roots and commitment, it actively contributes to unlocking potential and driving prosperity across the region.

According to the African Economic Outlook, Africa's average growth is expected to increase to 3.7% in 2024, and 4.3% in 2025, which is higher than the projected global average of 3.2%.

This growth is expected to be driven by improved global economic conditions and effective policy measures. 17 African economies are projected to grow by more than 5% in 2024, and nine of the top 20 economies that are projected to experience the fastest growth rates in 2024 are African countries. (Courtesy African Development Bank)

Collaboration: Creating Synergies

Unified Vision Capital, we specialize in developing joint ventures that harness the expertise and resources of both regions. Collaboration is at the heart of our strategy - As Africa undergoes unprecedented infrastructure development, we bridge the expertise gap by fostering partnerships between Indian companies and local African enterprises. Leveraging the support of the Indian government, we fuel the expansion of vital infrastructure projects, catalyzing cross-border investment and fostering a legacy of prosperity.

Partnering for Success: Financing Businesses' Growth in Africa

At Unified Vision Capital, we are more than just facilitators; we are passionate Solutionists dedicated to nurturing African corporates & Financial Institutes. Our comprehensive suite of financial instruments, spanning short and Long-Term solutions, empowers ventures across key sectors including infrastructure, transportation, energy, water, telecommunications, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, education, and financial services, mining, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contractors and beyond.

Guided by a commitment to economic empowerment, we orchestrate synergies with a global network of partners. From commercial banks, development finance institutions (DFIs), multilateral organizations, and private equity firms with support of credit enhancement backed structure to multilateral organizations, our collaborations pave the way for transformative projects that drive industrial development and sustainable growth.

Range of Product Offerings

  • Trade Finance- Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit, LC Confirmation & Discounting Facility.
  • Debt Financing
  • Financing of Projects
  • Acquisition financing and LBO financing
  • Equipment & Vehicle financing
  • Funding to Banks/MFI

Join us as we embark on a journey to redefine Africa’s economic landscape, one strategic investment at a time. Unified Vision Capital: Empowering Africa, Transforming Futures.

Why Partner with Unified Vision Capital?

Unwavering Client Focus: We prioritize building strong relationships and understanding your specific corporate goals. Our dedicated team acts as an extension of your own, providing continuous support and clear communication throughout the entire engagement.

Unparalleled Expertise: Our team combines deep industry knowledge with extensive transaction experience. We stay at the forefront of market trends and regulatory changes, ensuring our advice remains relevant and actionable, maximizing your return on equity (ROE).

Global Reach and Network: Leveraging our extensive network of contacts and deep understanding of international markets, we assist you in navigating cross-border transactions, accessing global capital sources, and optimizing your weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

Commitment to Excellence: We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Our team is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for creating sustainable value for our clients.

Let Unified Vision Capital be your guide on your journey to financial success. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you achieve your corporate finance goals.


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