Established in 2011, Unified Vision Capital is a leading global Investment Bank dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for corporate clients.

Spotlight on Excellence

Founded in 2011
Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune , Chandigarh
International Presence
United Kingdom
Global Reach
1/3rd of the transactions have a cross-border component
Demonstrated sector agnostic expertise
Tailor-made solutions as per client’s vision
Over 100+ notable transactions
Combined team experience of 400+ years

Our Team


Chief Executive Officer


Ajay Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unified Vision Capital, a position he has held since 2011.
With over 26 years of experience in corporate banking, investment banking, fundraising, client coverage, private equity, and offshore fundraising, Ajay oversees the company's client relationships and fosters a collaborative work environment that promotes excellence and innovation.
Before founding Unified Vision Capital, Ajay held key roles at prominent financial institutions including ICICI Bank and IFCI Ventures, where he gained extensive expertise in treasury management and corporate banking. His leadership has been instrumental in expanding Unified Vision Capital's footprint across India, starting from Delhi in 2011 and subsequently expanding to North, West, and East India by 2012 (including Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad).
Ajay Kumar is an alumnus of the esteemed Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and is widely respected within the Indian financial services sector for his strategic insights and deep industry knowledge.




Nipun Mahajan is a Co-founder and Senior Managing Partner at Unified Vision Capital since 2011. He overlooks several domains in the firm; including, but not limited to, Structured Credit, Private Equity, Investor Relations, domestic & offshore.
With over 17+ years of experience in the Financial Industry, Nipun has successfully completed multiple transactions with varying requirements of debt and equity based fundraising and strategic financial solutions. Before promoting Unified Vision Capital, he worked with ICRA Management Consulting and IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd and is now serving as a Sr. Managing Partner in his final stint. He is an MBA with commerce background and a CFA certification.

Advisory Services

As your trusted financial advisors, we take the time to understand your business and its financing needs. This allows us to create a customized financing structure that aligns with your long-term goals.

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M&A is crucial for business inorganic growth. We guide large corporations, private companies, and investors through complex acquisitions and divestitures. Our expertise helps navigate both buying and selling, ensuring informed decisions at every step.

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Our tailored PE fund raising services support clients throughout the entire process. We assist in raising capital from private equity funds, listed funds, financial institutions, pension funds, and family offices.

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We partner with mid-sized and large corporations to raise funds. This includes traditional corporate finance, credit for unique situations, capital market solutions, and leveraged buyouts.

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Core Infrastructure Social Infrastructure

Clean energyDistribution & TransmissionEV Infrastructure

ResidentialCommercial: Office Space, Malls

Logistics WarehousingShippingSupply chain

HealthcarePharmaceuticalsDignostic Chain

Agriculture & AlliedFood Processing



Sector : Renewable Energy
Transaction : Debt Restructuring Proposal
Solution Offered :

A prominent player in the renewable energy sector in India, renowned for pioneering initiatives in sustainable energy solutions. This transaction marks a pivotal moment in Indian banking, symbolizing one of the earliest and most significant debt restructuring and funding endeavors within the sector.

Sector: Infrastructure - EPC
Transaction: Fundraising to Address Working Capital Requirements
Solution Offered :

Securing capital market products to effectively bridge the liquidity gap and address working capital mismatches within the infrastructure EPC sector.

Sector: Infrastructure - EPC
Transaction: Fundraising for Infrastructure Project
Solution Offered:

Secured funds from financial institutions to address cost overruns, ensuring seamless execution of the infrastructure project.

Sector: Power - Conventional
Transaction: Funding for Cost Overrun Project
Solution Offered:

Unified Vision Capital successfully orchestrated the involvement of financial institutions to secure necessary funding for a delayed project plagued by cost overruns, demonstrating their adeptness in overcoming financial hurdles and ensuring timely project completion.

Sector: Healthcare - Chain of Hospitals
Transaction: Growth PE Round 2
Solution Offered:

Situated in Tier 3 and 4 cities across North India, this chain of hospitals secured its second round of private equity funding to facilitate brownfield expansion, effectively doubling its capacity and enhancing healthcare accessibility in underserved regions

Sector: Healthcare - Chain of Hospitals
Transaction: Structured Debt Financing
Solution Offered:

The structured debt financing was raised to restructure existing debts, expand the hospital network in Tier 2 and 3 cities, and provide liquidity to pay off existing investors.

Sector: Infrastructure - Waste Water Treatment
Transaction: Debt Raising for Indian Project of an Overseas Company
Solution Offered:

Unified Vision facilitated External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) to support an overseas company's establishment of a state-of-the-art Waste Water Treatment project in India, pioneering nascent technology in the sector

Sector: Infrastructure - Ropeways and Hydro Power
Transaction: Debt Raising for Hydro and Ropeway Projects
Solution Offered:

Refinancing of an existing hydro project beset by cost overruns and secured project finance for one of the scarce ropeways in North India.

Sector: Power - Gas based
Transaction: Leveraged Buyout
Solution Offered:

Unified Vision orchestrated the induction of overseas private credit funds to rescue a gas-based power project that had turned into a NPA, effectively bailing out existing lenders and successfully revitalizing the project into a profitable venture today.

Sector: Public Utility and Allied Infrastructure
Transaction: Refinancing of ARC
Solution Offered:

Unified Vision facilitated debt raising to refinance a public utility cum commercial asset that had been assigned to an ARC, highlighting its capability to restore financial health and operational continuity in critical infrastructure sectors.

Sector: Chemicals
Transaction: Strategic Sale of Indian Assets
Solution Offered:

Unified Vision Capital managed the sell-side mandate for a US-based large chemical sector conglomerate with operations in India, successfully facilitating the sale of its Indian assets and bringing in a suitable buyer, showcasing expertise in cross-border transactions and strategic asset management.

Sector: IT and Telecom Hardware
Transaction: Debt Raising for Expansion
Solution Offered:

Facilitated the expansion of a leading listed IT hardware company by introducing new financial institutions to bolster its growth trajectory.

Sector: Real Estate
Transaction: Buy and Sell Side Advisory for High-End Marquee Property in West India
Solution Offered:

Successfully navigated the complex structure of a century-old property, facilitating its sale to a prominent business tycoon, demonstrating expertise in intricate real estate transactions and strategic advisory services.

Sector: Telecom
Transaction: FPO
Solution Offered:

Facilitated the induction of anchor investors and financial institutions for a leading telecom company during one of India's largest FPOs, demonstrating expertise in capital markets and strategic financial advisory.

Sector: Farm Equipment Co.
Transaction: Pre-IPO Funding
Solution Offered:

Supported the growth plans of an emerging company in the farm equipment sector through pre-IPO funding, facilitating strategic preparation for their upcoming IPO.

Sector: Healthcare- Chain of hospitals
Transaction: Short Term Fund Raising
Solution Offered:

A leading chain of hospitals in India. To meet the Short Term WC requirements - funds through money market instruments were raised.

Sector: Emerging Market focused PE Fund - CAT II
Transaction: LP raising for the leading growth PE fund
Solution Offered:

We raised PE subscriptions through induction of Financial Institutions for them.

Sector: Sector Agnostic PE Fund - CAT II
Transaction: LP raising for the leading growth PE fund.
Solution Offered:

We raised PE subscriptions through induction of Financial Institutions for them.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Unified Vision Capital, our mission extends beyond financial success; we are dedicated to fostering sustainable, long-term value that upholds our social responsibilities. We strive to ensure that the benefits of our investments reach as many people as possible, creating widespread positive impact. Our approach integrates social responsibility with strategic investing, aiming to deliver not only strong financial returns but also significant, enduring contributions to the communities we serve.


At Unified Vision Capital we offer more than just a job, we offer a career and a chance to make a difference. We strive to create a mutually beneficial work environment with complementary growth paths.